Noem Doubles Dog Down….

Cartoon published 05/07/2024

Kristi Noem shot her dog and she keeps talking about it. She doubled down yesterday and said she would also put down Joe Biden’s ill-mannered dog, Commander.

Kristi Noem is releasing her autobiography, “No Going Back.” Maybe she’s releasing the book to help further her chances of becoming Vice President. If that’s the case, she’s shot herself in the dog, er…foot. Trump insiders say she blew her chance because of the dog murder. She claimed it was ‘fake news,’ but the reality is she killed her own dog and the resulting bad perception of her judgment will be permanent. She might be beautiful and well-spoken, but people love dogs more than a pretty face that is pointing a shotgun.


In her book, the South Dakota Governor said her wire-haired pointer named Cricket was “untrainable.” She said the dog attacked her neighbor’s chickens and was dangerous to herself and her children—therefore, she had to put it down with a bullet.

Noem might be correct, but she could have least sent the dog to a shelter. It was only 14 months old and could be trained. The dog was closer to being a puppy than a fully-grown dog. Experts say bird hunting dogs are trainable, but it requires patience. Apparently Noem lacked that—as well as compassion. She also shot several of her horses a few weeks ago.

Before that she shot her goat because it was “mean and smelly.” The goat met its fate in the same gravel pit.

Who will Kristi shoot next? She is eyeing up “Commander,” Joe Biden’s german shepherd, who has a taste for secret service agents.

People who mistreat animals will also mistreat humans. Kristi Noem may look and sound good on her commercials, but her dog is dead and so is her political career.

— The GrrrTeam

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