As The Brain Worm Turns, RFK Jr.

Cartoon published 05/09/2024

I did not have brain worms on my 2024 bingo card.

2024 got even stranger when RFK Jr. revealed that his doctor told him that he had a brain worm eat part of his brain years ago. Then the worm died.

Holy zombies, Batman!

RFK Jr. explained that he had a brain worm, which he described as having “got into my brain and ate a portion of it and then died.” This health issue was revealed in a 2012 deposition reviewed by The New York Times, where he mentioned experiencing memory loss and severe brain fog that led to cognitive issues. The worm in question is likely to be from the larvae of a tapeworm, possibly T. solium, which is known for causing neurocysticercosis when it affects the brain. This condition is not as rare as one might think and is more common in the developing world. However, RFK Jr. has stated that he fully recovered from the memory loss and brain fogginess and experienced no other lingering effects from the parasite.

 RFK Jr also stated that a woman should be able to abort her baby at full term…FULL term. It looks like the worms ate more of his brain than Jr. let on….

I just want a President who doesn’t have brain worms and doesn’t poop his pants… (I’m looking at you Joe Biden) …is that too much to ask?


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