Miss Trial Takes the Stand, Stormy Daniels

Cartoon published 05/08/2024

Stormy Daniels, the porn star grifter who earlier lost her defamation case against President Trump, was back in the courtroom again. This time Stormy kept her clothes on under the bright lights and cameras. She was there to testify in Bragg’s so-called “hush money” case. Basically, she was called up to lie about an alleged affair with President Trump. It did not matter that Trump provided a signed letter with Stormy’s signature on it that stated the affair never happened.

Stormy is one again producing lurid lies to cash in on Trump. What she says is about reliable as the prosecution’s other star witness, the disgraced liar, perjurer, fraudster, and jail bird Michael Cohen, whom Stormy sued for defamation in 2018, which was dismissed. Now they are acting together as star witnesses against Trump. Talk about credibility!


‘Horse face’ still owes President Trump $500,000 in legal fees from the last time she tangled with Trump in court. Like a moth drawn to a bug light, Stormy was lured by the trial spotlight. The attention was too tempting for the porn star.


We must admit that ‘Miss Trial’s’ testimony was entertaining and at one point she started raising her voice. The Judge admonished her to stop talking so fast—the court could not keep up with her motor mouth.

CNN reported:

Paula Reid: It became really heated because Nicholas confirms you call him names all the time. Daniel starts to sort of yell, saying, “Yes, because he made fun of me first.” This is devolving pretty quickly. This is pretty toddler-esque conduct and lack of accountability. But what the defense is very effectively getting at is Daniel’s disdain for the defendant. This so far has been a very effective and dramatic cross and appears to continuing to become even more dramatic.

The Alvin Bragg case has turned a court of law into a Jerry Springer episode. It’s a clown show filled with gossip, lies, and innuendo. Still, what else would you expect from a Banana Republic justice system?

This is similar to a communist show trial and it is disgusting what Judge Merchan is making President Trump endure. These Soros-funded DAs and Democrat activist judges must be removed or they will destroy the American justice system. All prosecutors and lawyers who conducted these cases have committed election interference. They should be fired and disbarred.

That may never happen because it may already be too late.

—The GrrrTeam

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