Biden, The Liar In Chief

Cartoon published 05/06/2024

Those handling Biden’s reelection bid announced they would shorten his campaign speeches. They’ve all but acknowledged Joe’s cognitive decline. Biden can barely walk and he can barely talk — but he sure knows how to lie.

Biden is an experienced, accomplished liar and he has no shame about it—and even though many of the tales he tells have been proven to be completely untrue, he repeats those same stories anyway.

“Not a joke!”

His lies are too numerous to list, but here is a sampler:

He claimed he got into politics because he was inspired by the Civil Rights Movement. Yet when he became senator he stood against issues such as bussing, saying he didn’t want his kids in a ‘racial jungle.’ He was friends with Senator Robert Byrd, a former KKK member. Joe was hardly a supporter of civil rights, but later on he claimed he walked and even said he graduated from a historically black college. Nope. Nor did he march with civil rights leaders or go to jail alongside Nelson Mandela. He did not get arrested for standing on a porch of a black family. Trump is not the racist—Biden is.


With phony self-righteous outrage, Biden has repeated many times the lie that Trump called deceased US troops “losers and suckers.” It’s another blatant lie, but Biden says it over and over again regardless. Nor did Trump promise a bloodbath upon his return to the White House. Biden conjured up another lie that Trump is a ’threat to democracy’ because he wanted to become a dictator. Ironically, Joe is the one using the justice system to go after political opponents and locking up their followers. The US now has political prisoners locked up thanks to Democrats such as Joe.

“I’m not kidding!”

He did not drive an 18-wheeler, he was not a high school football star, he was not recruited to play football at the U.S. Naval Academy, he did not receive salacious offers from women, he did not commute daily by train over the Francis Scott Key Bridge, he did not travel over a million miles on Amtrak, his uncle wasn’t eaten by cannibals, and he did not cut the debt, deficit, or federal budget. His son Beau was not killed in Iraq, his house fire was confined to the kitchen and put out, he did not see two men kissing when he was a child, he was not raised in synagogues, black churches, or by the Puerto Rican community. He did not graduate at the top of his class with multiple scholarships but it’s obvious Biden is not a schola—and in fact he has long been considered to be the stupidest man in the Senate—yet he considers the American public to be dummies and swallow any tall tale he dishes out.

Lunch bucket Joe has always claimed he’s a champion of the middle class and centrist Democrat, but now he’s espousing far-left progressive policies. He’s a political chameleon who changes views to gain power. That’s all he’s about — gaining power and money. He uses lies as a tool to gain support.


Look for Joe’s lies to become more fantastic as his dementia worsens.

— Ben Garrison

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