When PayPal and the ADL team Up It’s Goodbye Free Speech

PayPal was founded in part by Peter Thiel and Elon Musk. Both are now multi-billionaires who have claimed they support free speech. PayPal apparently no longer shares the principles of their founders. PayPal has flourished from customer online transactions and by means of drawing interest from balances. That’s not enough. PayPal wants more. Namely, power and control. This comes through tracking their customers and fining them if they say things that PayPal finds objectionable.

A $2,500 balance deduction is the fine for PayPal customers who spread ‘misinformation’ or what PayPal’s partner, the ADL, calls ‘hate speech.’ What is ‘misinformation?’ Anything the far left PayPal and ADL say it is. Perhaps PayPal was inspired to slip in such a fine after witnessing Trudeau shut down the bank accounts of the protesting Canadian truckers.


We’ve already had a similar experience with Patreon. They threatened to cancel our account unless we removed all the cartoons (from our own website!) that criticized the Covid vaccines. They claimed that they had paid us a lot of money and therefore ‘owned’ us. It was a nonsensical bluff. Our fans used Patreon to support us and Patreon regularly extracted a large cut. We paid Patreon. They did not pay us a dime. We left that far-left organization by choice. Many are surprised PayPal hasn’t already pulled the plug on us, but maybe it’s because we’ve brought so much business and money their way. Still, it’s probably inevitable that they would eventually fine us for spreading what they call ‘misinformation.’

After an outpouring of outrage, PayPal backtracked and claimed their policy to control free speech was a mistake! That’s a howler. Obviously PayPal has a legion of lawyers to look over their policy with a fine-tooth comb. PayPal is not sorry. They’re sorry they got caught. Maybe they never expected someone to actually read the updated fine print.

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PayPal has partnered with the ADL and that organization has had a very checkered past. They claim they want to stop ‘hate,’ and that hate is whatever they decide it is. Unlike in Europe, hate speech is legal in America and it’s protected by our First Amendment. I hate the fact they put fluoride in our water, but I shouldn’t lose my ability to carry out online financial transactions because of that strong opinion.

Read the excellent article about the ADL on ‘Revolver:’

PayPal may have stepped backward for now, but it’s only one step. Aggressive globalist tyrants take three steps forward and one back all the time. We just got a foretaste of what the so-called ‘ruling elite’ have in store for us should we see the launch of a digital currency that they control. Our money would then be used as a weapon to track, monitor, and silence us. Authoritarians will get to decide what we can say and not say. A social credit score will most likely go along with it. If we step out of line, they will take away our money.

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— Ben Garrison


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