Breaking: Nancy Pelosi is stalling the passage of the $2 Trillion stimulus bill due to partisan politics.

Pelosi and the Democrat House are Denying CASH PAYMENTS to the American People BUT the final Stimulus bill includes $25,000,000 for The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts It also has $75,000,000 for PBS & NPR


This is government at its worst.

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Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat held House wouldn’t cooperate with Mitch McConnell on a relief bill that would help out millions of Americans who have been rendered jobless due to the quarantine.

Apparently Schumer and Pelosi want to work in all sorts of other provisions including climate change pork. The Democrats’ partisan bickering, progressive virtue signaling and, of course, hatred for President Trump undoubtedly helped contribute to the delay.

Such endless and massive currency creation will lead to inflation. Gold and silver should do well, but most Americans are too broke to afford precious metals. Toilet paper is more affordable.

Democrats have had their heads in the sand (or other places) for far too long.

—Ben Garrison

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