Poisoning The Well Of Knowledge With Woke Insanity

Cartoon published 02/16/2023

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy our economy ” – Chris Hedges

I came across an article that explained how Texas A&M is going ‘woke.’


The author, Scott Yenor, revealed the injection of ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ into the university’s policies. (DEI). I think the order should be shuffled to ‘diversity, inclusion, and equity. (DIE). When woke policies take over an institution, destruction inevitably follows. Texas A&M was a conservative university in a red state. Or so I thought. Soon, their woke policies will render it to be just another leftist institution. Staff hiring there will no longer be based on merit. Instead, consideration will be run through the woke, DIE cheese grater. The university will have instructors and professors who were hired not for their brilliance, but rather their skin color, their sex, and/or their sexual identity.

Students will soon be taught to guard against expressing themselves freely. It might be deemed ‘hate speech,’ distasteful humor, or the expression of ideas that aren’t aligned with critical race theory and cultural Marxism. In this manner, free speech and debate will be destroyed. Worry, caution, and fear do not align well with free expression. Everything that is taught will be distorted through a lens of racism and Marxism. The background noise DIE will constantly remind us that United States is a profoundly flawed and evil country that must be destroyed due to its ‘systemic racism.’ It must be destroyed and replaced with Marxism.


Equity is not ‘equality.’ In America everyone already has an equal chance to succeed. It depends on the individual’s talent, character, the drive to succeed, and innate talent. The protection of the individual and individual rights no longer are the goal, however. Those who want equity want those who lack the qualities to succeed to succeed anyway. Again, equity is not based on merit, it is based on identity politics. It’s why Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris for vice president and Pete Buttigieg for Secretary of Treasury. Both of his choices are woefully under-qualified, but Kamala is part black and a woman and Pete is gay. They were equity hires.

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Despite the equity vs. equality semantics, human beings cannot be made equal by force and that’s what Marxism boils down to: Brute force. Equal pay for all means the lazy people will not work and industrious people will not see the point of working harder. No more private property—that will be called ‘racist.’ The products produced are not owned by individuals, but rather the state. When that happens, quality and production inevitably declines. The system collapses and people are MADE to work hard by force. The populace is forced into slavery. The same institutional slavery woke people complain about, only it will be real slavery. Everyone will be forced to be equal. Equally poor and miserable, that is.

Universities are poisoning the well of knowledge. All of our institutions are becoming ‘woke’ and destroying themselves. As Donald Trump Jr. once said, “Go woke, go broke.’

We are becoming a broken nation.

— Ben Garrison

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