President Trump is a natural at political chess.

Therefore, I was a bit surprised by his latest statement about the possibility of the Democrats regaining the House after the mid term elections. It could be a feint on Trump’s part. After all, his accomplishments in office thus far should have some positive influence on the races.

What do the Democrats have going for them? Not much. Their tactics for victory include spreading lies, implied threats of violence, cries for socialism, and the failed policies of Barack Obama. Those tactics are weak. The Democrats are playing checkers. The Deep State’s propaganda arm, formerly known as the mainstream media, continues to lose their influence and efficacy. They’re looking desperate and ridiculous, so I also drew them as a checker.

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The Clintons still control their party, and Hillary remains the corrupt face of their failure. Hillary will probably run for president again in 2020, if she can get up from her last checkmate. Her strategy of generating a campaign war chest may succeed, but her tactics of peppering the American public with even more empty platitudes won’t.

No matter which Democrat is chosen to run for president in 2020, they will be up against a grandmaster. Their old strategies won’t work and they will make their inevitable blunders, which will lead to an easy end game for Trump.


—Ben Garrison

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