Cartoon for Project Veritas new campaign against the Deep State

(New York) Project Veritas is scaling up their program geared towards protecting, recruiting, and working with sources, called Veritas Leaks. All confidential sources are welcome to take advantage of the program.  Project Veritas is hoping to hear from insiders in the Deep State, Big Tech, and major media outlets.

Project Veritas founder and President James O’Keefe is committed to promoting a more transparent and ethical society, and acknowledges that to expose society’s deepest issues, leakers and whistleblower require secure and effective ways to sound the alarm:

“I will go to jail to protect a source’s identity. Security is our paramount concern. The goal is for our combined efforts to expose corruption to have a positive impact while protecting the identities of highly-placed informants. Project Veritas will not only welcome whistleblowers bringing truth to the masses, but will use secure means to maintain confidentiality. Along with our undercover journalists, these individuals who exhibit moral courage take great risks for the wellbeing of our country are our absolute highest operational priority.”

Project Veritas offers insiders a specific promise: to shield their identity and maintain anonymity while exposing the greatest threats facing the United States.

Patriots unite to stop the Deep State check out the website here!


Your Guide to the Deep State Swamp- Signed Prints

Guide to the Deep State Swamp