Republican Horse Race- Don and Ron  Tina Toon

Cartoon published 06/03/2023

Like the Marxist ‘woke’ Democrat Party, the globalist establishment also controls a large segment of the Republican Party. It’s the ‘neo-con’ or RINO segment of the latter party that wants to make sure Donald Trump is not reelected in 2024. Their choice is Ron DeSantis. 

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Fox News has been driving hard to the hoop to convince us of the superior merits of DeSantis. The usual Deep State Swamp establishment Republicans support him. 

Oh sure, there are other horses in the race and there will be more ready to throw their hoofs onto the track. Nikki Haley and Tim Scott are already running. Mike Pence, John Bolton, Chris Christie and even Liz Cheney might trot out their stuff because they all despise Donald Trump. They will be running on hate. None of these candidates and potential candidates have much of a chance against Trump. Only DeSantis presents a distant threat.

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We like everything the MAGA-minded Vivek Ramaswamy stands for. He’s our dark horse candidate. He might make a good vice presidential pick for Trump. 

Bear in mind we do applaud a lot of what DeSantis has accomplished. We especially like his proposal to end the IRS and replace it with a national sales tax. Of course, we don’t like any kind of tax that grows government, but removing the politicized and well-armed IRS would be a great first step. (Then dismantle the FBI and all the other corrupt security/police state agencies). Trump does not like the sales tax idea and is ridiculing it in his commercials, but they are not convincing.

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Regardless, Trump has a huge lead out of the starting gate. He remains the best “America First” candidate and he has something that DeSantis sorely lacks: A personality and experience as president.

— The GrrrTeam

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