RINOs are going extinct

Cartoon published 08/17/2022

UPDATE: Mitt Romney Will NOT run for another term in the Senate- Good BYE ‘Pierre Delecto’ 

UPDATE: Mike Pence has suspended his presidential campaign, it’s “not my concern….”

The primary in Wyoming helped to prove one thing: President Trump controls the Republican party. The neocon remnants who are also known as ‘never Trumpers’ are losing their gip on the party.

Conservative voters want Trump.

They don’t want to vote for fake conservatives who want globalism, endless wars, and believe in ‘climate change.’ They want leaders who want America first. They believe in making America great again.

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The neocons are doing their best to bring Trump down, but they are failing. The white-hot anger that emanates from old Neocons such as Dick Cheney only underlines their political impotence. The former Vice President said Trump was a threat to our Constitutional Republic when in fact it’s the Marxist Democrats who are that threat.

The old ruling neoconservatives in the Republican Party have become dinosaurs.

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They are destined to become extinct. Trump can help hasten them toward their tar pit.

— Ben Garrison

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