Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a bully. He’s not out to find evidence against Trump, but rather invent it in order to please his masters—the Deep State. He’s a Hillary man and he’s out to exact revenge for her loss in 2016.

The Democrats say Mueller is a Republican and therefore unbiased toward Trump. Yet Mueller is a neocon, globalist Republican. He’s a Bush Republican and the Bushes supported Hillary Clinton. Mueller helped the Clintons hide their traitorous crimes in the past and he’s covering for them again.

Mueller has not one shred of evidence of Russian ‘collusion’ and his investigation has become a pathetic farce. He’s laying down perjury traps to tormenting American patriots such as Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi, simply because they opposed the policies of Clinton and Obama.

It’s an expensive witch-hunt designed to distract from Hillary’s very real Russian collusion and other crimes. We’re now in another period of McCarthyism of sorts as the president said.

It’s time for Trump to take the bull by the horns and release the FISA documents that prove corruption by Obama, Hillary and the FBI in their effort to bring down his presidency. Lock them up!

—Ben Garrison

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