Marco Rubio has smaller Schlong than Donald Trump

The latest GOP debate was filled with invective and personal attacks. Unfortunately, Trump rose to the bait and and attacked Rubio on a very vulgar subject that’s best left in a locker room with snapping towels. 
There are some things about Trump that I simply can’t support. His cheerleading for torture is abhorrent. Let’s hope he changes his mind about that one. To be sure, ISIS (created by our government) is filled with barbarians, but that doesn’t mean we need to stop being civilized ourselves. Torture is NOT reliable. People will make stuff up just to stop it.
His cry for more military spending while we already spend many times more on it than any other nation will only assure the continuance of waste while maintaining a failing empire. It should be cut along with all the other government programs. However, one person reminded me that Trump mostly wants to end government cronyism–that is, forcing contracts on the military they don’t want while not providing them with the equipment they really need. This was a good point. He has also repeatedly expressed his desire to treat our veterans better and that’s commendable.
His pounding the table about how much he likes the police sounds good, but too many of our police have been militarized and trained to terrorize citizens. He’s so far removed from that experience that perhaps he just doesn’t know. The police now intimidate, shoot first and ask questions later. They routinely shoot dogs and shake down citizens for money. His support for the NSA and the Patriot Act? I can’t support that. If there’s one thing I can support the most, it’s Trump’s statement that he will audit the Federal Reserve. This has become an imperative. Cruz wants to end the IRS and I wish Trump would come out and say the same.
Let’s hope Trump begins to act more presidential and stops reacting so much to the desperate insults. That’s difficult to do because the GOP is tossing everything at him now including a dirty kitchen sink and Trump is used to pushing back. Newt Gingrich recently came out and expressed what’s really going on: Trump is NOT part of the insider elite club. He’s not a Bilderberg member and hasn’t attended the Bohemian Grove. Unlike Hillary, he doesn’t take his orders from the CFR. He’s not controllable and that terrifies the plutocrats running both parties. This is the main reason I like Trump.
Let’s hope Trump really can somehow make America great again.

Ben Garrison