The Cartoon that Got GrrrGraphics banned from Facebook forever

Today we were permanently kicked off of Facebook.

For over ten years we had a cartoon page on Facebook with many thousands of followers. We post all our cartoons on our site of course, but we used social media to get noticed as well. Twitter banned us the same time they banned Trump in January of 2021. We received no clear explanation. We certainly didn’t violate their ‘community standards’ but we were caught up in a wave of anti-conservative censorship there, so that was that.


Our main verified cartoon page was banned permanently by Facebook two years ago, but we had a backup page with far less followers, so we continued to used that. Over the past two years we faced numerous bans and deletions of cartoons that the Facebook censors found objectionable. Now they have banned our backup page permanently. Surprisingly, it wasn’t due to a cartoon that questioned Big Pharma’s ineffective and unsafe Covid ‘vaccines.’ Instead, Tina had posted a 10 year-old cartoon I drew that explained the dangers of fluoridated water. I guess we are no longer allowed to question fluoride in our public water supply, even though many scientists continue to question it! Apparently we were spreading so called ‘misinformation,’ even though my cartoon was accurate.

What, we can no longer question any so-called ‘authority’ now? They act as if they have science locked up and we can only trust their version of it. That attitude is spreading. An example is a doctor who expressed his outrage because his granddaughter was in danger of getting an extra cavity because someone at the water department was not putting in enough fluoride:

“Fluoride, again, is one of the most successful and important public health measures that has ever been undertaken in this country. The reduction in dental disease is just inarguable. You don’t establish safety based on one person’s opinion or one study or this or that.” —  Dr. Allen Knowles

Who says we can’t argue about it? I certainly will! Yet this is the attitude of those who pretend they have science locked up and put in their back pockets. He doesn’t want to be bothered to listen to ‘this or that,’ so we must silence the this or thatters! Is that the approach to science we have these days? Apparently so!

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Sodium fluoride is more water soluble than calcium fluoride and it just so happens that it’s the waste product dumped into our water supply by heavy industry. Sodium fluoride is a poison and they had to pay to get it disposed of, but then they brilliantly thought of getting taxpayers to pay them to dump it in our water! All it took was to bribe a few people who regulated the dental industry. As a result, you are getting forced medication whether you like it or not or voted for it or not. Maybe you don’t even have teeth—you might wear dentures. You get the medication anyway! Anyone who bathes are showers gets fluoride absorbed into the skin. Some say fluoride helps aluminum get deposited into brains and that contributes to the increased rate of dementia. This could be true—there have been no adequate studies! We do know fluorosis damages teeth and bones and lowers the IQ of children. So yes, Dr. Knowles, it IS arguable and we have a First Amendment right to argue about it in public forums! No longer on Facebook, though.

I long deleted my personal Facebook page after getting banned one time too many. Tina has deleted her page today, but it takes time for the page to go away. Our cartoon pages are gone from Facebook forever, thanks to an anti-free speech tyrant named Zuckerberg. He’s more aligned with the communist Chinese than he is real Americans. Zuckerberg is a traitor.

We recommend everyone stop using Facebook.

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— Ben Garrison

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 And A word from Tina

The battle for our First Amendment rights is raging, and the front line is on social media. That’s where Grrrgraphics is needed, that’s where we went. We bravely stood up against the giants. We held the line to the very last moment as we said we would. And now, we made the ultimate virtual sacrifice.

But that’s just one platform. And while we may be off it, we will always be on for the fight: for Freedom, for our glorious Nation, for you and your family!

“We have just begun to fight!”

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