Social Distancing In The Democrat Primary

Biden continues to rack up delegates and he’s all but assured of the nomination. Look for Hillary to be his running mate. Bernie Sanders will probably drop out soon. Not because he wants to and normally he’d probably hang on so he can continue to make his predictable speeches because that’s what he does and has always done in life. He’s a socialist blowhard. 

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He’s also bound to political correctness. The perception now is he will endanger lives by helping expose people to the coronavirus by forcing people to show up at voting stations. Bernie will drop out due to the virus. 

The Democrats will be ridin’ Biden, one of the oldest candidates ever to run for president. He’s also a thoroughly corrupt, demented, hair-sniffing serial groper as well as an incoherent gaffe machine who could not even get Obama’s endorsement. He’s more worried about climate change than the virus. He wants to destroy our energy industries. He wants to grab our guns.

Just say ‘NO!’ to Joe.