Can You Spare A Square?

Who knew bathroom tissue would be so coveted today?  Will people judge each other by how many “rolls” they have?

In these crazy times we have to stop and laugh a little.  We know the Charmin bears are laughing at us poor humans packing their squeezable soft products to the garage rafters!

So, take a deep breathe and hug your roll of Charmin, we will get though this and have plenty of TP for the next three years!

Also think of the bright side of this situation.

Families are spending more time with each other.

We are learning to slow down and appreciate the little things in life.

California FINALLY closed its borders!

You are encouraged to work from home.

Your mother in law can’t come to dinner on Sunday..

Remember Patriots take care of patriots when they are hurting.

Stay safe.

Stay Strong.


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