Is Bernie’s campaign “berning” out?

It was “Super Tuesday 2” as six states voted in the Democrat primary.

Swampman Joe “You’re full of Sh#t” Biden defeated Democrat  Super Socialist Bernie Sanders with his amazing swamp powers. Joe summoned the forces of Fake News and the DNC to combine and send burnt out Bernie back to Vermont.

Berning Man lost Michigan, Missouri, and Mississippi to Biden. Biden is expected to win Idaho and North Dakota with Washington too close to call.

If any state goes  to Bernie, it will likely be Washington State, the large population of stoner Bernie bros love their “free stuff”.

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The Democrat establishment wants Joe Biden as nominee, that is obvious. All the talk of diversity and inclusion is a ruse that the Democrat base falls for everything. Biden is an elderly white man who has been in government for 36 years. That will go over well with the radical left base that wants socialism.

The establishment wins again.


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