Was this the Plan all along? Let them blatantly steal the election then expose them?

It doesn’t matter how much election fraud evidence piles up. Outrageous crimes against We The People and our right to vote were planned in advance and coldly executed late into election evening by Democrat operatives who colluded together to give Biden the lead.

The election of basement Biden defies reality. Sleepy Joe is a chronic liar and a demented pedophile who uses government to enrich himself and his family. He did badly in previous presidential primaries. Few attended his rallies when had them. Still, Biden was chosen by Democrat elitists. The primaries were rigged in his favor. Why? Because elitists such as Hillary and Obama knew Biden was corrupt to the bone marrow. He would do whatever the Swamp told him to do. Kamala Harris likewise. Biden knew it was pre-rigged in his favor. The aging old sniffer with his fake white teeth and bald head knew it would be stolen for him. Now he’s announcing a cabinet that will be packed with Deep State operatives. These are people who will do their best to expand the Swamp and most likely start new wars as they further strip from us our jobs, our liberty, and our dignity.

The Democrats will not admit any election wrong-doing whatsoever. They refuse to listen to witnesses who have signed sworn affidavits. The lying legacy media will not consider that election fraud occurred at all. They spew constant lies and tell us the election was clean as a whistle. They say Biden won. End of story. Deal with it. They say we all need to shut up and move on, even though massive voter fraud and a stolen election is staring at us all straight in the face. Even foreign countries were involved in the steal—most notably the communist Chinese.

We need to do more than simply point out the massive fraud. We need to reverse the steal. We need to return to Trump the states he rightfully won. If necessary, let’s vote again in the swing states. No computers. No mail-in ballots. Have paper ballots filled out by qualified voters in person. Make sure officials from all parties get to watch the votes tallied by hand—polling place by polling place, precinct by precinct, county by county, state by state. If that happens the truth will come out: Trump won by a landslide.


Get rid of the voting machines entirely. Drastically limit mail-in voting. Let’s give the American people our elections back. Let’s make sure Trump gets the second term that he has rightfully won. 


—Ben Garrison


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