Teleprompter Joe

 Cartoon published 07/10/2024

As I was watching Joe Biden’s NATO speech, I noticed a pattern. His head moved back and forth as regularly as a metronome.

Joe no doubt learned this long ago as a means to engage an entire audience. He probably never cared about the audience—not really. He only cares about the appearance of caring about an audience. Joe’s lies are like polished darkness. After spending over 50 years in politics, Joe lies as a matter of course. He lies even when the truth would suit him better.

Biden’s head movements now serve an ancillary and more important purpose. He’s reading teleprompters. Without them he quickly devolves into a stuttering mass of confusion. He lacked a teleprompter during his recent debate with Trump and the result was disastrous. Some claim he bounced back during his Philadelphia speech, but bear in mind his speech writer and teleprompters were restored.

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Joe cannot think on his feet. He can no longer process thoughts into coherent sentences, and it’s not going to get better with time. His dementia will grow far worse—especially when it’s combined with his criminal propensity and sadistic meanness.

His NATO speech was disturbing if predictable. Joe claims the polls mean nothing, but his poll denial is another lie. He knows he is losing and therefore he’s eager to drag our country into a war against Russia. He blathered on about how if anyone touches any NATO country, we’ll instantly respond with war.

Joe and his operatives have not learned anything from history. World War I was caused by such alliances and treaties. Germany was a great nation brought to its knees for no particular reason. By means of the Versailles Treaty, the victors unwisely saddled a defeated Germany with a humiliating and outrageous war debt. Those victors kicked a German Shepherd puppy and it grew into a vicious dog. The result was Nazi Germany.

WWI began with an assassination in Serbia. A chain of alliances dragged the world into war. Now we have a chain of countries under the banner of NATO. It was created to keep the Soviet Union at bay, but that country collapsed. NATO should have collapsed afterward, but the globalists needed NATO to pursue their world conquest. Taking down Russia is key for them. Their politicians and propaganda media constantly compare Putin with Hitler, which is absurd.  Russia suffered over 24 million military and civilian deaths fighting Hitler. America suffered just over 400,000 deaths. If anything, those who have pushed NATO’s expansion—right up to Russia’s doorstep in Ukraine—are the new Nazis. That would make Biden the new Hitler.

Biden wants four more years. With Joe remaining at the helm, we might not survive four more months.

— Ben Garrison

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