The Blob Of Big Government- It Just keeps Growing

In the iconic Steve McQueen sci-fi/horror movie, “The Blob,” you may have noticed the blob had a rather modest start. It came from a small meteorite that cracked open. By the end of the movie, it had grown to epic proportions through blind rapacity. 

Our government is pretty much the same. It started out small—thanks to our Founding Fathers—but eventually it grew into a gigantic, malicious monster. ‘We The People’ are growing increasingly afraid of the ravenous parasite that is consuming its host.

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If the blob has any real purpose, it’s this: It wants to incorporate the individual into itself. That way the individual can offer no resistance. It becomes part of the blob and does its bidding. The blob wants to do away with equal justice and the rule of the law. The blob’s law is ‘might makes right’ and the blob has a lot of might.

The blob’s abusive all-for-me-none-for-you nature permeates and penetrates into every institution, home, and school. It spreads its bloody slime of corruption, greed, and selfishness. Those who object are forced into submission and devoured. The blob destroys everything that is decent and good. You like your Second Amendment? You can soon kiss it goodbye. You like privacy and freedom? They are already being absorbed into the blob at an increasingly frightening rate. Freedom of speech? The blob always has the final say. The blob determines reality. The light of truth and reason gets eclipsed by the blob’s formless evil.

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The leviathan government blob currently belches out lies such as ‘climate change’ and ‘a man can be a woman.’ These inventions are designed to confuse and paralyze victims while advancing the blob’s nefarious purpose, which is the expansion of evil. Soon we will have a world government blob and it will continue drain everything decent and good, while eliminating all resistance and hope. Its sheer cumbersome weight and power will ultimately break every man, woman, and child. Not only in the US, but in the entire world. In the entire universe of the blob could engage in space travel. 
Justice and freedom will soon be forgotten myths if we let the government blob have its way.

One question remains:
How do we defeat this blob?
As patriots, we must halt the blob’s spread. It would be nice to send it all some arctic nether region like in the movie, but short of that we must freeze the Deep State Swamp and its alphabet institutions (CIA, FBI, NSA, CDC, IRS, ATF, IRS, ETC). We must end the Federal Reserve. This can take place by means of a peaceful revolution, but one way or another we must halt the bulge of corruption and tyrannical actions by means of meting out justice. We must cut off the blood flow to the blob. The cancerous blob thrives on easy, free money at the expense of its victims. It must end!
In order to restore freedom and the possibility of peace and happiness, we must destroy the blob and start over by keeping a new and little blob confined into that small meteorite, which is the rule of law.