I hate wearing the masks. I avoided them while out shopping, but I’ve had to endure some dirty looks. I think they were dirty, but it may simply be my paranoia because I couldn’t see their expressions. However, I was curtly treated at checkout counters a few times. Today I went to my natural food store and this time there was a woman with a mask who was waiting outside the door to make sure anyone who entered was wearing one.

Arguing and making a scene may have led to me being permanently banned, so I decided to hike up my bandana. At the very least it makes me look like a bandit, but We The People are the ones getting robbed. We’re robbed of our dignity and humanity and ability to say what we do with our bodies. The masks aren’t about stopping a virus. They’re about conditioning us all to accept the coming mandatory vaccines. We didn’t stand up against the masks, but we MUST stand up against the vaccines. Our very lives depend on it.

Kent Heckenlively asked me to illustrate his latest book, written with Dr. Mikovits. Naturally, I agreed. In their book they list ten reasons why we shouldn’t be wearing the masks. I recommend you buy this already best-selling book and help independent journalists who are on the side of REAL science.

Order the Case Against Masks

—Ben Garrison