The Crowbar and The Clamshell

Cartoon published 04/03/2023

Big Government Security Agencies Are More Tight Lipped Than A Clamshell

I often receive the complaint that my cartoons are too negative and pessimistic. I’m asked to draw things that are ‘more positive.’ I find this to be a difficult task considering we now live in an era of relentless attacks by globalists, ‘woke’ Marxists, and the Deep State Swamp Uniparty government.

Big government includes ‘security’ agencies that serve the Deep State Swamp as well as globalists such as Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates. The security agencies’ main job is to make their masters more secure while they make the American public less secure. Agencies such as the NSA can illegally track your phone calls and email. They are able to know everything about you. The FBI can falsify documents, use ‘plants’ at events such as the January 6 protest at the Capitol, where protestors are tracked, traced, and jailed. The CIA can operate using all kinds of dirty tricks that violate our Bill of Rights. The 4th Amendment is all but dead.

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The 1st Amendment is going away. Notice how a Trump supporter was convicted for using an anti-Hillary meme. It was a direct assault on our free speech. He was convicted and may face 10 years in the slammer. Those Jan. 6 protestors also using their 1st Amendment were railroaded into gulags without due process. More will follow.

Big government forces are able to put citizens under their microscopes, but can we find out what they are up to? Well, yes. Sometimes. That’s the good news. The Freedom of Information Act has been amended since it was enacted in 1967, but it still allows us to legally force government into revealing information they’d prefer to keep hidden. As far as the security agencies, critical information can often be withheld by using the exemptions to the FOIA. The most notorious of these is their cry, “National security!” It’s just one of the reasons these agencies should be broken up like so many clam shells.

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When those agencies are forced to reveal something, the documents are predictably heavily redacted. Pages with a few words and a spate of black bars covering up key info. As big government grows endlessly bigger, look for this problem to worsen. Then the solution will depend more heavily on whistleblowers and we know what happens to them. They are harassed, locked up, or even murdered. Edward Snowden is a heroic and patriotic whistleblower, but he was forced to leave the country under threat of death. His crime? He revealed how the security agencies were illegally spying on us all. He should be pardoned immediately and receive a medal for what he did.

Likewise, Julian Assange should also be freed.

He’s a real journalist who did something very similar to what the NY Times and Washington Post did during their release of the “Pentagon Papers.” They received Pulitzer Prizes for revealing the government’s dirty secrets. Assange should also get the Prize. Instead, he’s received a permanent prison sentence because he embarrassed the Swamp in a presidential election year.


I guess this post isn’t as optimistic as I intended. I apologize—I’m a natural pessimist. Our rights are being trampled upon with greater ferocity and at the end it looks like we’ll have only one left—The 2nd Amendment. We may as well use it before being sent off to government concentration camps that are probably on the way for those accused of disseminating facts.

Our banana republic tyrants will label truth as ‘misinformation.’

— Ben Garrison

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