We are Americans. We will survive this just like we have survived every crisis.

The media is panicking our citizens. Every channel spouts doom and fear mongers gleefully gin up the hysteria.

If you are quarantined inside your house, you will watch the news of course. They know this and want to keep you afraid and watching their fear porn.

It’s sick.

The coronavirus is real and should be taken seriously. But toilet paper hoarding and closing down the economy because of a fatality rate lower than the flu?  Insane.

The politicians want to be heroes and get re-elected. Never let a crisis go to waste they say.

The mayor of New Orleans just used the coronavirus crisis to allow a ban on the transportation and sales of guns. What does that have to do with the coronavirus?

Meanwhile New York Mayor Bill De Blasio flouted his own coronavirus guidelines to work out at the gym on Monday morning. Billy closed all gyms because “they are not safe” and then goes to the gym to workout.

You see a pattern here? Rules are for the saps, the suckers. the redneck tax payers who can’t read.

Stay calm and use common sense. Don’t panic. Panic begets fear and fear leads to control and tyranny.

This too shall pass and we will emerge stronger on the other side.

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Here is our message to all our friends and supporters we sent out last night:

Here at Grrrgraphics we are doing our best to keep calm and carry on despite the fear porn being broadcast 24/7.

We are ready for anything that comes our way regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus).
We hope you are buckled up and weathering the storm too.

Ben wanted to let you know that he is here for you and your family during this difficult time. Together we are strong, we are Americans and will get though this unscathed.

Grrrgraphics is a small business and open 24/7.  We will keep drawing cartoons for you.

Montana is very lucky to have only 7 cases of the virus so far and the people that  have tested positive are young and healthy. We send our prayers to everyone who has been affected.

We think this hysterical panic stoked by the Fake news and the Deep State will pass, just use common sense and wash your hands and avoid big crowds for a week or two.  Stay home if you have a cold and catch up on those movies you’ve been wanting to watch.

Now is the time to stick together, not for just our friends and family, but for all Americans. We know that we are winning–we are almost there–do not give up. We will Keep America Great.

Finally, we just want to thank you for all that you have done for us, for Ben, and for our country. You have helped get a wonderful, loving president into office that really cares about the American people.

We are incredibly grateful to have your support, it means the world to us!

Thank you!

Grrrgraphics is a small business. We are open 24/7. Please support our cartoons with a purchase or donation at our shop! Thank you and stay calm, stay safe.