Hey, CDC! Leave Those Kids Alone!

Members of the Centers for Disease Control have voted to validate the mRNA Covid jabs as being legitimate and worthy.

Apparently we’re back to the ‘safe and effective’ malarky again despite warnings of death and serious side effects from hundreds of expert scientists and doctors. Have you noticed the stories about all the young people coming down with myocarditis and a legion of other stories about people suddenly dropping dead? People are beginning to suspect it’s due to the clot shots. The Covid vaccines have been shown NOT to stop the vaccinated from getting the virus. It does not stop the vaccinated from dying of Covid. The jabs do not prevent the transmission of Covid.

To protect Big Pharma and combat this ‘wrong think,’ the CDC is officially backing the dangerous Covid vaccines.

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The CDC is expected to approve the vaccines for the childhood immunization schedule. It means many school systems won’t allow the enrollment of children who were not injected with the dangerous Covid vaccines. The tyrant Gavin Newsom is already pushing for this in California.

The tyrannical system enforces their medical mandates by taking away our freedoms. They then offer to restore those freedoms only if we go along with their orders. Want your free speech? Agree with the medical establishment authoritarians and your opinion won’t get deleted. Want to travel? Forget it unless you get poked. What to keep your job? You must get the jabs. Do you want your Medicare and Social Security? Get the shots (It’s coming). Want to spend the government’s new digital currency? You guessed it—you must first be vaccinated. People will be forced to accept the poisoned needles despite misgivings. Want you kids to go to school? They too must take the experimental and under-tested gene therapy injections.


The FDA was supposed to protect us from harm and they never approved the Covid vaccines, but now they are rubber stamping them anyway. Could that be due to the fact that Big Pharma populates the government’s medical agencies with its functionaries? Fauci made an additional $5 million while pushing the Covid vaccines. Coincidence?

Many countries in Europe are outlawing the Covid vaccines outright. Children have an extremely small chance of contracting Covid. Kids also have the highest survival rates. The chances of a child dying from Covid is vanishingly small. Yet in America the vicious assault by its Malthusian medical ‘authorities’ on children is ramping up. The globalist left wants to kill as many unborn babies as possible. (Some even say abortion can help lower inflation!). Kids are getting groomed in schools with pornographic books and drag queen presentations. They are being told they can choose their own sex. After the children are thoroughly confused, the medical establishment wants to drug them with hormones and even sexually mutilate them! If anyone objects, they are attacked and smeared and their free speech gets deleted.

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Remember how hospitals were executing Covid patients with Fauci’s ‘Remdesivir’ and respirators? Apparently hospitals are becoming centers of death and mutilation. Eustace Mullins explained the tyranny behind the medical industry in his 1988 book, “Murder By Injection.” He exposed the medical conspiracy against America and now it’s here and stepping on our toes. THEY will tell us what we must put into our bodies. We will have no choice. We must all speak out against this now!

Even on the left, some are objecting. If California mandates Covid injections for its citizens, Bill Maher said he’d be moving to Florida. Instead of moving, we need to fight back. We can begin by protecting our children from harm. That means loudly complaining at school board meetings and to the politicians. If that doesn’t work, run for the school board and replace them. If that’s impossible due to election rigging then we must home school them or seek alternative schools that won’t mandate the injection of deadly substances.

Ultimately it might come down to brute force. If medical vans go door to door to make sure the unwilling are injected by force, well….that’s what the Second Amendment is for.

— Ben Garrison


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