The Fog Of War

Cartoon published 06/25/2023

It’s difficult to discern what’s really going on in Ukraine and Russia. Yesterday it was said that Yevgeny Prigozhin and his Wagner forces were only 150 kilometers or so away from Moscow. Prigozhin was angered by Russian military corruption and incompetence. He could be compared to Colonel Kurtz in the film, “Apocalypse Now.” Played by Marlon Brando, Kurtz rebelled and had to be taken out.

Western media said Prigozhin was leading a coup and Putin had already fled Moscow. The media were adamantly against the mercenary boss before and then suddenly they portrayed him as a hero. The globalists are obsessed with the subjugation of Russia and that can’t be achieved until Putin is overthrown. Maybe they actually thought it could happen.

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Putin called Prigozhin a traitor. Then suddenly, Prigozhin made a deal with President Lukashenko in Belarus and the march to Moscow was called off. Putin announced the charges against Prigozhin were dropped. The Wagner troops did an about face and went back to Ukraine. Confusing, huh?

It’s all part of the fog of war. Lies swirled at the beginning of the Ukraine war and they’re still being spewed by our mainstream legacy media, which mostly is a megaphone for CIA talking points.

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Was it really a coup or a Putin ‘psyop?’ Was the event ostensibly designed to flush out CIA and NATO operatives in Ukraine and Russia? We know Putin is very smart and he plays 4D chess. He’s friends with Prigozhin. If the latter survives, then it most likely it was tactic planned by Putin all along. It was claimed the Wagner forces shot down Russian aircraft, but there is no real proof that it happened.

We can only guess what’s really what in Ukraine. Is Zelensky’s counter-offensive working? Are the Russians covering up casualty figures? Does Putin really have terminal cancer? Nothing we hear can be trusted, but one thing is certain. America has no vested interest in Ukraine. Ukraine should not be a NATO country. We shouldn’t be sending endless billions in US taxpayer dollars to a corrupt Ukraine. Stop listening to the disgusting warmongers from both parties. (The Uniparty).

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Meanwhile, the fog of war seems to be growing thicker. Do not accept the breathless interpretations from a corrupt media, which is nothing more than a subsidiary of the globalists. They spread a fog of confusion to control the narrative and suppress the truth. It covers up a heart of darkness.

— Ben Garrison

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