IRS WANTS A piece of the action

The IRS wants to rob the robbers. I thought it was a joke. A prankish Internet meme. But the story is real!

The IRS says criminals have to report their illegal income. The IRS calls such criminals ‘self-employed.’ They must report the value of their stolen goods or income ‘earned’ from illegal activities. If the stolen goods are returned during the same year as the theft occurred, then it can go unreported. Have we ever seen someone return stolen goods to a Walgreens? Did a looter ever un-loot?

Will such self-employed criminals be allowed to deduct items they used to commit their crimes? Why not deduct the mileage and car expenses needed to arrive at said Walgreens? Why not deduct guns, burglary kits, and e-bay fees that were used to fence their goods?

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The IRS must think criminals are stupid. Or maybe they consider us all to be stupid. After all, American tax payers keep incriminating themselves by signing incomprehensible forms and then sending chunks of their honestly-earned income to a criminal organization known as the IRS. Citizens do it out of fear. They have to pay the IRS and Big Government just like many Italian neighborhoods have paid off organized crime.

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Income taxes aren’t ‘voluntary,’ even though Bill Clinton said they were. People know it’s done by force—through a barrel of a gun. If citizens don’t comply they risk prison. If they resist being sent to prison they can be murdered. Most people simply don’t want the hassle of a Gestapo IRS gang threatening them or taking their hard-earned property.

The irony is the criminal IRS and the Department of Treasury don’t even need our money to pay for anything. Those taxes will soon be inadequate to even pay the interest on the National Debt. They need our money to control us by impoverishing us. It’s also about taking money out of circulation in order to help control inflation. Sending away money that you’ll never be able to spend is deflationary. No matter, inflation will soon be out of control anyway. The Central Bankers who own the Federal Reserve can print all the debt currency they like—and they do. They need the IRS for their personal power. They know how powerful fear can be.

It’s time to end the Fed and the IRS.

— Ben Garrison

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