Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for no apparent reason.

He was only days into his presidency and had accomplished nothing. Even Barry himself was surprised, because he must have known (like many others) that he did nothing to deserve it.

In fact, he tripled the number of troops in Afghanistan shortly thereafter. He involved America in unwarranted wars in Libya, Syria and Yemen. He supported ISIS. He dropped more bombs on people than George W. Bush. He gave billions of dollars to Iran for a deal that essentially allowed that tyrannical theocracy to continue to do whatever they liked.

Obama deserves a sewer plate around his neck—not the Peace Prize.

Trump, however, truly deserves the Prize and that prospect is making lefty heads collectively pop. Suddenly far-left liberals such as Rachel Maddow are pro-war when it comes to North Korea! She accused Trump of aligning with Putin and caving into North Korean demands—for nothing!

Well, of course Trump is getting something. North Korean denuclearization. Obama did nothing about North Korea. Like Clinton and Bush, he simply kicked the can down the road to let future presidents deal with it. Trump is dealing with it.

The left wants Trump and America to fail. Bill Maher wants another recession that will hurt Americans, thereby souring them on voting for Trump.

De Niro can do nothing but express crude hatred for our president.

The Democrat resisters are resisting positive change for our country. That’s why they will fail during the next election wave.

That wave won’t be blue.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said President Trump deserves the Peace Prize.

I agree, but many on the left would prefer Dennis Rodman, anyone but Trump.

—Ben Garrison

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