The Jackals have revealed themselves

Trump said a few weeks ago, “Who will enter the Trump quicksand next?”

Now we know what he was talking about.

The RNC, FoxNews, and all the RINOs and Fake MAGA influencers have gotten their marching orders.

Blame Trump for the midterm “losses.”

Blame Trump For the supposedly non-existent “red wave.”

Blame Trump for endorsing MAGA “extremists.”

Blame Trump for everything!

FoxNews yesterday was the most disgusting. Their faux “conservatives” all came out one after another saying MAGA is dead, Trump is done and Ron DeSantis is the new leader of the GOP.  Fox certainly fell in line with the orders to erase Trump, they pounded their anti-Trump rhetoric hour by hour, trotting out the usual stable of “never-Trumpers” and establishment talking heads.

Fox is no better than CNN, but we knew that when they called Arizona for Biden with only 10% of the vote counted in 2020. Fox was in on the steal.


The so called pro-Trump social media influencers have dropped the masks also.  They have revealed themselves as fair weather supporters who bend which ever way the establishment wind blows. It’s all about the fame and money for them.

At GrrrGraphics we stand for truth and our Constitution. We couldn’t care less about fame and we certainly are not in it for the money as we just make ends meet trying to stay online and continue the fight.

McConnell, McCarthy, and McDaniel are the McFails of the Republican party. Their leadership needs to be replaced with new blood, America first patriots. They did nothing to support the people Trump endorsed. In fact, they actively worked against MAGA candidates, take McConnell’s support of Lisa Murkowski the dementia addled senator of Alaska.  McConnell and McCarthy must be removed, they are part of the uni-party that controls our votes and our government.


Notice how the entire uni-party is screaming “no red wave because Trump” all in unison. They are gas-lighting you.

There was a RED WAVE. Their plan is to divide Trump’s base, split it between Trump and DeSantis. The uni-party is creating division because they are panicking and think this is the perfect opportunity to move in and discredit Trump and his MAGA supporters and go back to the old Bush-Cheney version of the Republican party. They will fail.

In the 2022 midterms, Trump endorsed 235 races, his endorsements won 219 of them with 19 losses as of this posting.

That’s a 93% success rate. Not bad for someone who is not even running….yet.

MAGA supporters need to remember we are not just fighting the democrats, far-left, fake news and big tech. We are fighting the RINOs and corporate Republicans who are trying to create division in Trump’s base. They are picking a fight with the wrong guy.

MAGA will not be divided and the RED WAVE will be even bigger in 2024!



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