The Searchers

Mueller’s $30 million investigation is winding down.

He has found no evidence of Trump collusion with Russia because there never was such evidence.

The dossier purchased by Hillary Clinton was a mirage created by anti-Trumpers so that the corrupt Deep State could investigate and hopefully dig up enough dirt to impeach a lawfully elected president. They failed. Instead, we see a continuing and treasonous coup by the swamp forces.

The ‘Russian Collusion’ narrative will now be replaced with a new investigation. The Deep State is switching to ‘Trump obstructed justice.’ It’s another way to harass a president who isn’t on their same globalist page.

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It’s time for Trump to turn up the heat and shine the light on the corruption within Obama’s DOJ and FBI. It’s time to release the FISA docs, which will reveal criminal wrong doing by the Deep State.

It’s time to start going after crooked Hillary, too.

Lock them up! 

—Ben Garrison

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