The Squatter In Your House- The IRS

Cartoon published 04/18/2023

It’s tax day. AGAIN…..and the Marxist Democrats are sending $80 billion to the IRS to fund around 87,000 new IRS agents. 

Joe Biden has promised they will go after the ‘rich’ and make them ‘pay their fair share.’ Who is rich exactly? Apparently it’s anyone making $400,000 per year or more. If this seems arbitrary to you, it is. The ‘rich’ already pay the lion’s share of the tax revenue. The top 25 percent pay 89 percent of the taxes.

That said, the millionaires and billionaires have legions of expert tax lawyers who ensure they pay only what is necessary. The IRS knows it’s a waste of time to spend too much time auditing them. So Biden and Yellen’s plan is to put the squeeze on selfish rich folk who aren’t quite millionaires. Well, that’s what they say. What they really want to do is go after small businesses and the middle class. Especially MAGA conservatives.

They are the ones who will be targeted and harassed by new IRS ‘equity’ hires. They know the people who make less can’t afford a tax lawyer. They are easy marks. Biden and Yellen want that water squeezed from rocks as well as control middle class America.

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They hate small businesses. They favor the rich and powerful globalist corporations.What exactly is a ‘fair share’ to the Marxist Democrats? 100 percent is what they want. That’s right—they want all of it.They lust after that great power. They will dole some of it back to you if you behave and obey the globalist agenda. You will become a good, compliant slave in order to survive.The truth is this: We don’t need the IRS. The Federal Reserve and the Treasury can play their printing game and produce as much money as they like. They’re doing this already, yet they say we need the IRS to pay back the national debt. That’s impossible.

We can only pay part of the interest—not the principle. Another reason they like the IRS is the mega bankers and politicians know that you can help counter inflation. By flushing your money away toward government, you can’t spend it. That’s a loss for you and it’s deflationary. Isn’t it funny how you get to pay the price of inflation AND deflation? The little guy always gets screwed.The IRS is here to intimidate you. By creating an aura of fear, they know you will obey. It’s even worse that that, though. Most tyrants are sadistic and they order their subjects to pay as much as they can get away with without triggering a revolt. The IRS is even more sadistic than that. They make you spend countless hours every year to figure out what you owe based on tens of thousands of pages containing convoluted and ever-changing tax code. The code is long and confusing by intention.


They want you to mess up so they will have the option to come at you with fees and compounding penalties. They can also send well-armed IRS agents to your door to cart you off to jail. To the IRS, you are guilty until you can prove yourself innocent. Pelosi loves the approach of the IRS. In effect, the IRS is with you all year. They are squatters who sit in the economic house that you built with your hard labor. They can trash that house whenever they like.

It’s time to end the IRS and the Federal Reserve. That’s not likely to happen. I doubt the Republicans will even summon the political muster to end the $80 billion funding to the IRS, thus preventing their new army of harassing auditors. Sure, the Republicans complain, but in the end they are part of the uni-party and they go along.

They couldn’t even end Obama Care when they supposedly had the votes. We are forced to endure the squatter that is the IRS until we summon up the courage to stop participating.

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Stop filing. Most Americans won’t do this. They’re too afraid of losing their stuff, but in the end those Marxist Democrats will succeed and make everyone pay their ‘fare share,’ which is 100 percent.

They want  it all—including our liberty.

— Ben Garrison

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