UPDATE:  Pelosi on Using Impeachment to Stop SCOTUS Nomination: ‘We Have Arrows in Our Quiver’ Sept. 20 2020

We watched the impeachment debate and nearly every Democrat used the same argument.

President Trump was a ‘tyrant’ who abused his power for personal gain.

He used a foreign country to help him ‘interfere’ with our election process.

He was a threat to our ‘democracy.’

The Democrats also claimed Trump obstructed Congress by refusing to cooperate with their witch-hunt.

They used the word ‘solemn’ a lot in combination with the word ‘duty.’

They talked about the founding fathers and how they swore oaths to defend the Constitution. Impeachment was equated with that defense.

They sanctimoniously talked about how they wouldn’t be able to face their grandchildren unless they did the right thing and that was voting for impeachment.

Unlike Clinton’s impeachment, the House vote was evenly split along party lines. The Democrats control the House, so Trump was impeached. It was as simple as that. CNN tried to act somber, but they were nearly bursting with joy. CNN said Trump could never escape the black mark of impeachment. He will go down in history as only our third impeached president. They claimed Trump was red faced with anger and implied he might be breaking down. One ‘journalist’ kept saying his behavior was ‘disgraceful.’ The Democrats finally got him, but they couldn’t really celebrate.

They had to pretend to be sad. Solemn. Pelosi even wore black and glared at the Democrats cheering after Article One passed. It was almost comical.

Trump will be acquitted in the Senate, but for now partisan politics have triumphed over facts. The Democrats’ self-proclaimed love of the Constitution rang hollow. They liked that it allowed them impeach an equal branch of the government, but on other issues the Democrats continue to show a deep contempt for our Constitution.

Democrats have no problem grabbing guns in violation of the 2nd Amendment. They enjoy quelling the free speech of conservatives and enabling a bloated government to trample on our 4th Amendment.

Democrats also want to do away with The Electoral College, which they see as an impediment to big city Democratic rule over the red rural states.

The Democrats are the real tyrants and their Impeachment was a slap in the face to everyone who voted for Trump. They want to nullify his presidency. In a way, the Democrats are the ones interfering with our elections.

The Deep State Swamp, the globalists, and Democrat Party simply could not accept that Trump won in 2016. Their impeachment witch-hunt will only help Trump win in 2020.

—Ben Garrison

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