The Bidens- Rotten To The Core

Cartoon published on 02/01/2023

BREAKING: The FBI is searching Joe Biden’s Rehoboth Beach, Delaware home Wednesday morning for more classified documents according to a statement by Biden’s private attorney Bob Bauer. 

Joe Biden is a tree of corruption that bore rotten fruit. I’m talking about Hunter Biden, the smartest man Joe knows. While that may be true in his own demented mind, Hunter’s laptop is a cornucopia of sordid gifts that keep on giving. It’s aptly named “The laptop from hell.” Hunter could be the person that Obama will use to topple his puppet, Joe. Will we see Big Mike (Michelle Obama) run for president? That seems far-fetched to me, but we live in nutty times.

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Anyway, it turns out Hunter routinely ignored many laws, had access to classified documents in his father’s garage that he most likely sold and disseminated, engaged in money laundering for the ‘Big Guy,’ (his father) and now we hear he sexually harassed his secretary to whom he owed a paycheck. To get paid, he insisted she take a sexual video of herself in the shower for Hunter’s enjoyment. Hunter definitely takes after his sexual predator and pedophile dad.


Will the Deep State Swamp continue to protect the Bidens like they did the Clintons? That remains to be seen, but there are ominous signs the Democrat Party is ready to toss Joe under the bus. Democrat operatives probably broke the news about Biden’s classified document stash in the first place—most likely ordered by Obama. Now we see Biden’s classified document scandal growing to epic proportions and the FBI hasn’t even raided Joe’s beach front mansion. At least, not yet.

Joe Biden has gotten away with his lies and crimes all of his career. Like son, like father, Hunter gets away with everything, too. So why not sell pay for play secrets to the Communist Chinese and influence to Ukraine? Hunter must think of himself as untouchable. The Bidens probably won’t face punishment and I doubt Joe will step down any time soon. In fact, he will probably run (stumble) again for a second term. He’s that stupid, that stubborn, and that mean-spirited, but he also knows the election will be rigged in his favor again no matter what crimes are revealed.

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Joe wants to inflict himself again upon average Americans because he hates America and those average Americans. He’s a mean-spirited, sadistic, narcissistic beast. Just like his son. 

— Ben Garrison


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