President Trump fired National Security Advisor John Bolton on Tuesday.  John “Never met a War I didn’t like” Bolton disagrees and claims he resigned. No matter, the old “WAR-russ” is gone. He should have never been appointed to that position in the first place.  

We are happy to see the deep state warmonger get tossed out of the administration, but are concerned he will be replaced with another Neo-con lifer who will be just another mini-me John Bolton.

This is not 1994, or 2004. The American people do not want our country mired in endless, meaningless war. It’s time to put the American people and the country first.

Globalists and gutless neo-cons like Mitt Romney were upset when their guy got tossed out on his ear.

Too bad.

Bit by bit the Deep State is starting to crumble, have patience my friends.



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