UPDATE January 2019- The Radical foaming Left screech “MAGA Hats are just like KKK hoods!”  (KKK was arm of Democrat party) Privileged CNN guests are so “triggered” by red hats they pee their panties!  This is about 2020- and destroying the MAGA Hat branding from 2016. Radical Left puts Hate before Country in their quest to “Get Trump”


Original Post below:

Trump Derangement Syndrome, otherwise known as “TDS,” has become an epidemic among the left.

In their restless delirium, the carriers shriek out their hatred of President Trump. We’ve all been made well aware of their disease, which is widespread among Democrats, the corporate legacy media, Hollywood, and most disturbingly, security agencies such as the FBI. The Deep State has a deep case of TDS.

Earlier this week we witnessed a fresh outbreak. People come to our country illegally and they bring their children along while doing it. Naturally, those kids don’t go to jail, but the fact they get separated has caused great outrage and bitter scolding from those afflicted with TDS. (Never mind Obama had the exact same policy).

Hillary Clinton used the artificial outrage to ask for donations to a fund that rewards and encourages more illegal aliens. She’s also the one that brought about the mass hysteria that somehow Trump is Putin’s puppet. Those convinced of that hallucination almost always have TDS.

Peter Fonda actually encouraged criminal acts against Barron Trump. He’s since apologized for becoming so unhinged, but calling for violence against our president and his family is a TDS symptom common to many in the entertainment industry.

Jim Carrey is another good example. Once beloved by many Americans, he’s become a miserable, hectoring scold. He expresses his hatred of Trump by scrawling bitter, ham-fisted cartoons. TDS has stripped him of his humor and popularity.

Robert De Niro is another washed-up star whose anti-Trump profanity does nothing except give many a reason to stop watching his old gangster movies.

Rachel Maddow spewed crocodile tears while on air, thereby making her virtue signaling seem more sincere. She shed tears for the border children, but her eyes remain dry for the millions of unborn children aborted each year.

Bill Maher wished for a recession to hurt Trump’s presidency. He continually says Trump is a ‘threat to our democracy’ without any real supporting evidence.

Support Weaponized Cartoons! Time to Push back and call out the Radical Anti-American Left!

Speaking of Maher, his show should be renamed “The Trump Derangement Syndrome Show,” because it has devolved into nothing but a parade of hatred toward our president and his family. On a recent show, Maher talked about Trump’s tax ‘giveaway’—and one of his guests also expressed outrage that undeserving people (to her) were ‘given’ money. Wrong. People work hard for their money. They earn it and are forced to cough a great deal of it up to the IRS. If they get any back, they’re getting their own money back. The progressive left always wants more taxes and more government, not less. People such as Michael Moore, another severe sufferer of TDS, wants 97 percent of wages taxed. Like Bernie Sanders, he wants communism.

The TDS sufferers look for Trump’s impeachment as a cure. Instead, they may get a red wave, followed by his reelection in 2020.

—Ben Garrison

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