UPDATE: Feb 21, 2019  “Shill” We know Ann Coulter’s true colors! Anons know!


The Two Faces of Ann Coulter

She loves Trump.

She loves Trump not.

She loves Trump.

She loves Trump not.

Ann needs to tone it down a notch.


Hey, no one is perfect. You are never going to agree with a President 100% all of the time. There are things I would have liked to see done differently in the Trump administration. We have drawn cartoons criticizing some of the President’s decisions. But if we see something we do not agree with, we do not go and have a public meltdown in order to gain attention from the LameStream Media.

Ann, if you don’t agree with Trump and go off screaming, “Trump is an idiot” on all the talk shows, well, Ann, you’re the one that looks like an idiot. We all want Trump to stay on the MAGA track, but throwing a public hissy fit is not the way to do it!

Coulter has turned out to be an opportunist. She is riding the Trump train to make some cash off selling her book to Trump supporters. How can someone write a whole book saying, “In Trump We Trust” and then turn on a dime, screaming, “Trump caved, he’s an idiot”?

How about this Ann, next time Trump does something you dislike, take a deep breath and wait 48 hours before you embarrass yourself again. You need to stop with the late night phone calls to Bill Maher.

Then you can write another book and this time no one will buy it. No one will give you the attention you desperately seek.

Hope you enjoyed this Tina Toon with extra Spice!


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