America Hang On and fight back!

Joe Biden’s first year in office was disastrous. He’s not even in office—he’s a fake president who speaks at a studio designed to look like the White House.

He doesn’t care that we know it’s fake. He doesn’t care that the US borders are wide open. He doesn’t care if we know he’s spending taxpayer money to fly illegal aliens (nearly all young males) to communities in red states. Many of them have criminal records.

This is an act of treason, but the Democrats are used to getting away with that.

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I’ve listed all of Dementia Joe’s disasters before and won’t go into them again here, but this cartoon sums up the situation our country finds itself in after one year of his horrendous ‘leadership.’ I don’t see how we can survive three more years under Biden.

Something will have to give before our Republic is permanently sucked down the whirlpool of socialist tyranny, war, and impoverishment.

Dirty Joe was the recipient of a stolen election. We need to get the key swing states that had the most voter fraud to decertify the election and, after a proper recount, put President Trump back in his rightful place—the White House. This is not likely to happen. Even the crooked makers of the hacked voting machines refuse to cooperate.

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Still, if nothing is done soon, the currents of corruption will become too swift and deep. Going with the flow could mean drowning in a river of totalitarianism. We must resist, but do we even have a paddle? Voting used to be that paddle, but if the elections are rigged, we can only hang on.

I for one will not go to a “concentration camp” for the unvaccinated. Many of us will fight back against any violence the Deep State probably has planned for us. We know Pedo Joe is a figurehead. He gets his marching orders from Obama. Hillary has long been in charge of Kamala. They in turn are run by the globalists from Davos.

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Staying afloat for another three years under Biden is a difficult prospect, but all we can do now is hang on and fight back. People are indeed fighting back with the freedom convoy in Canada, let’s hope the freedom convoys spread across the world.

Let’s Go Brandon!

— Ben Garrison


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