Forget Obama’s threatened ‘Red Line.’ He already stands in a line of blood. He has illegally started wars and now he wants to start another in Syria. If he starts it despite Congress loudly voting ‘NO,’ he should be impeached. He should have already been impeached for Benghazi. He should have already been impeached for ‘Fast and Furious.’ He should already have been impeached for NSA spying. He should have already been impeached for IRS corruption–directed by his administration.
The outrage Americans must now endure: It’s now an open fact that the USA supports Al Qaeda rebels while simultaneously searching for them in the pants of travelers at airports.
The good news: Americans are waking up to the totalitarian system being put in place by Obama’s rulers–the global bankers. Let’s all wake up and start throwing them all in prison. Starting with Obama and McCain. The prisons are too crowded? Make room for the traitors by releasing all ‘drug offenders’ and end the ridiculous ‘War on Drugs.’