America is watching as Democrats are boldly stealing elections outright.

This trend must not be allowed to stand, otherwise it will be repeated more frequently and the corruption will deepen. There can’t be ‘found’ ballots well after an election. There are rules and laws that must be followed; otherwise tampering becomes all too easy.

I drew Soros, Brenda Snipes, and Pelosi here as the ‘Vote Busters.’ They are determined to sway elections toward Democrats in order to hurt Trump’s presidency. Soros continues to spend a mountain of money toward influencing our elections. He’s a dual citizen of the US and Hungary. Doesn’t that mean Hungary is influencing our elections?

Someone call Mueller! Snipes is an incompetent election supervisor in Broward county who ignores election law in order to ‘find’ all ballots—whether they are legal or not—and count them. After all, the Democrats tell us that all ballots must be counted! The Democrats keep counting and finding lost or hidden ballots until they win. That’s now how it works!

Pelosi is the incoming Speaker of the House and represents the Democrat Party. She should be speaking out against this, but she doesn’t—and many Rhino Republicans are also reticent. Why? Because they are the Deep State Swamp and the swamp wants it’s corruption to remain undisturbed.

How to solve this?




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