Refuse the Jab

Pfizer has readied a COVID-19 vaccine that will soon be rolled out. Trump hailed it as a ‘medical miracle.’ I must disagree with our president in this instance. The real miracle is our own immune system. Regardless, the new vaccine will also come with a heavy dose of politics. That much is certain. The push will soon be on for everyone to take a rushed-to-market vaccine with inadequate testing and questionable contents and results.

There will be a greater chance of people dying from the vaccine than the coronavirus itself. When people suffer from debilitating side-effects, they can always sue the vaccine manufacturers, right? No. The makers are ‘immune’ from lawsuits. Instead the taxpayers pay the tab in a special vaccine court. The vaccine makers pay nothing. When there are is no punishment for an egregious mistake, it only makes the vaccine manufacturers more responsible, right? No. If there is zero accountability, then quality control and reliability inevitably suffers. The vaccine makers take no risk, but they rake in a big reward. Those inoculated take all the risk. 

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At first, the politicians will try to make getting vaccines a happy event. It’s ‘science’ they say. Aren’t you happy to get it so we can end the pandemic? It won’t end anything. Social distancing and the masks will remain. Even Dr. Fauci said this. If we refuse to take their vaccine, we will soon enter the bargaining phase. “You will get a bailout check if only you take the vaccine.” From there, it will quickly morph into the threat phase. “You can’t travel without proof of the vaccine.” Then more conditions will be added. You won’t be able to travel at all without proof. Your kids won’t be able to go to school without it. You won’t be able to buy stuff at stores. Amazon included. Without vaccination you must stay in place. If you don’t, you will be arrested. Even if you do stay home, they know where you are. Makes it easier for them to round up the unvaccinated and pack them off to a gulag.

If you go along, the vaccines will become more regular and numerous. Eventually you will be dying of cancer or some other disease due to the vaccine. If a lot of people get sick at once, they’ll blame it on some new virus and victimize the victims even more with endless injections.

Because of a fake pandemic with a very high survivability rate, we’re now entering a very dangerous period of medical tyranny. The elitists running the world want to control what goes into our bodies. They want us culled. We must stand up for ourselves and say NO!

All Americans should refuse the COVID-19 vaccine.

—Ben Garrison

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