Al Gore Cashes In On ‘Climate Change’

Cartoon published 01/24/23

At the WEF conference, the climate huckster Al Gore went on a rant.

He said we are using our atmosphere ‘as an open sewer’ and trapping as much heat as would happen if we detonated 600,000 Hiroshima bombs every day. He wailed about boiling oceans. He screeched about ‘rain bombs,’ and how we are ‘creating the droughts and melting the polar ice caps and glaciers.


Gore didn’t mention in his unhinged raving that he was wrong about his earlier predictions. He said the ice cap would be gone by 2015. He predicted that in 2009. Nope, ice caps still there. So are the glaciers. I’ve seen ‘em in Glacier National Park. He predicted rising oceans too, but apparently he didn’t believe it himself too strongly because he bought an ocean-front mansion. As for his ‘rain bomb,’ California seems to appreciate having their reservoirs filled.

It was originally about ‘global warming.’ Now it’s about any kind of weather. Warm spell? Climate Change! Arctic front?Climate Change! Too little rain? Climate Change! Too much rain? Climate Change! We’ve had tornados and hurricanes forever, but now each and every one of them are caused by climate change. Gore and his climate change cult are using the weather to fan fear so that we give them money and power to ’solve’ the crisis. It will never get solved because Gore and his ilk are liars. There is no climate ‘crisis.’

Throwback Al Gore Cartoon from 2014

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Gore’s mansions consume a tremendous lot of energy, and his private jets spew plenty of carbon into the atmosphere. That’s OK, though—he and John Kerry are of a different caste and top members of the climate cult—along with Great Thunberg. They received money and attention and can do whatever they want no matter how hypocritical they are. However, we masses—we lowly, struggling carbon units—must give up driving, gas stoves, meat, and breathing. That’s what it’s really all about: The culling of humanity. They want us to die, but not before we cough up all of our money and freedom to them. They expect us to pay for our own demise.

Gore is not a scientist and neither is Klaus Schwab, John Kerry, or Bill Gates. Why are we forced to listen to these malevolent, dominant voices? Oh, I almost forgot. Money. They are all fantastically rich, which buys them big megaphones and bigger influence, but they are really nothing more than carnival barkers. We need to laugh at them. They deserve our scorn and ridicule, not validation.

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Meanwhile, Gore has cleaned up by means of his climate change scam. He now has a net worth of $330 million thanks to his climate ‘companies’ and schemes. That’s what this has always been about: A money bomb, not a rain bomb.

The cartoon “South Park” once had an episode that featured a creature called a “ManBearPig,” that roamed the Earth and attacked humans. Al Gore is the ManBearMoneyPIg.

— Ben Garrison


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