“You’ll Burn and we’ll be happy”

Cartoon published 08/15/2023

Joe Biden may not have a comment about the devastating fire in Lahaina, Maui….but I do.

Tina and I visited Maui many years ago and to me the island really was paradise. Lahaina was a quaint town on the Northwest coast of the island and it was charming. It disturbed me to see how it was suddenly annihilated by a fire fanned by a hurricane that was 700 miles away. I extend my condolences to all the families who lost loved ones.

Nearly 100 have died due to the conflagration, and that death toll keeps rising. The fire reminded me of the one that took place a few years ago in another paradise of sorts—Paradise, California.

That fire was very unusual. It melted engine blocks in some cases while sparing trees nearby. Was that a directed energy experiment? Were some sort of directed energy beams, lasers or microwaves used? Yes, I know I come across as a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ but I have good reason to be suspicious. After seeing Building 7 fall during 9-11 and after the planned-demic foisted upon the world by Gates, Fauci, and Big Pharma, I have every right to my suspicions.

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Everyone knows how government forces have long been conducting weather experiments. It’s what power-mad control freaks do. The people aren’t supposed to know about it, but we do. Could the sudden and very intense fire at Lahaina be due to an act by sinister globalist forces? Did they try to wipe out the residents intentionally? I can’t say for sure, but the citizens there said “It was like a bomb had been dropped.”

It certainly looked as if some sort of directed energy beam had been used. Even boats in water burned. What happened to the warning system? There were no sirens, and certainly no government warnings. The Hawaiian governor took the easy way out and blamed ‘climate change.’

Really? A week or two earlier they told us the lie that oceans near the equator were boiling. Are they now telling us that the climate is so hot that it caused spontaneous combustion on the island?

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More likely the fire was sent intentionally, or perhaps a power line was blown down by the wind, thus sparking a fire in the very dry and non-native grass. Still, why were some buildings spared while others burned to a crisp? Again, it resembled the California fire. Are the globalists trying to burn out the middle class and their businesses there as well as the poor? That’s what they did during the lockdowns. Small businesses were shut down. It’s all part of the UN’s Agenda 21 and 30 plans. WEF Chairman Klaus Schwab said we would own nothing and be happy. He wants us to eat bugs, not meat. In actuality he wants us dead. Deadly vaccines or burning out whole towns are ways to start.

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The future might hold some answers about what really happened in Lahaina. Many of the residents probably don’t have enough insurance to rebuild—and rebuilding will be far more expensive due to complex building codes and regulations that have been added over the years. If we see the ultra rich swoop in and buy up the land, our suspicions will have been confirmed. Space is very limited on Maui and the globalist billionaires like Oprah and Bezos would love to get their grapple hooks on it.

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We all have the right and perhaps a duty to question ‘official’ narratives and vent our suspicions, but the legacy media will no doubt soon ignore the fire altogether rather than investigate its causes. Instead we will hear the fire cited by the usual ‘expert’ loudmouths as evidence of ‘climate change.’ It’s bunk.

Most of us know they buy out scientists who then cherry pick the data to make their case, which is pushed by the corporate media (also bought-out). Their climate change narrative is not going away any time soon. They will happily burn down entire towns to ‘prove’ it.

— Ben Garrison

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