Hellraiser 2023: Davos Edition

Klaus Schwab opens 2023 WEF annual meeting with call to ‘master the future’

Gee, that doesn’t sound ominous at all!

The World Economic Forum is currently meeting in Davos, Switzerland. There is a two-mile wide barrier to keep out media. We aren’t allowed to know what they’re saying there, but we already have a good idea: They want to complete their ‘Great Reset,’ which leads to their total control of humanity.


We didn’t vote for the control freaks who want to tell us all how things are going to be, but that doesn’t matter. They control many politicians and Deep State operatives, who run the Davos agenda by means of mandates,  ‘agreements’ and ‘treaties.’ None of it is constitutional, but as long as they control politicians such as Biden, Ardern, Macron, and Trudeau they don’t care. Voting also gets rigged in favor of the WEF.

George Soros, who mysteriously bowed out of this year’s meeting, buys out DAs in big cities across the USA, and they let criminals go to create havoc and destruction. Soros wants this. He and his friends at Davos want America’s destruction so they can remake it as they see fit. In other words, voters are circumvented and the central bankers, the mega billionaires, and powerful corporate leaders get what they want.

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And what is it they want? They want a new form of feudalism where everyone owns nothing and are dependent on their ‘lords’—the rulers at the WEF. The lords will completely control their subjects. It starts with Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and a social credit system. China has already implemented this and the Chicoms have praised the WEF. Coincidence? Once they have total control of our money they can determine what we can and cannot buy. How far we can travel, what we can eat, and even what we can type on social media. Say the wrong thing and money gets deducted in the form of a fine.

It’s even darker than that. The people running the world are demonic. They hate Christianity and worship abortion. The Demons of Davos want us all to worship them, not God. Bill-zebub Gates wants us all to like him as he vaccinates us to death and cuts off our food supply. It is said that Switzerland has deployed 5,000 troops to protect the Davos attendees. This is not surprising because the vast majority of people on the planet do not want to pay carbon taxes, have their fossil fuels stripped away from them, or eat bugs. A lot of folks want to give Gates more than a cream pie to the face.

There are still those out there who say we are conspiracy theorists simply because we believe the big wigs at Davos do not have the best interest of humanity in mind. We believe the WEF wants to see humanity whittled down to 500,000,000, in perpetual balance with nature.

Just enough people on Earth to service the Demons at Davos.

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A lot of people owe Alex Jones an apology. Despite constant ridicule, Jones has long been warning us about the dire situation now being imposed upon us all. 

— Ben Garrison


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