The Venture Vultures Circle Maui

Cartoon published 08/18/2023

The Lahaina fire fatality number currently adds up to 111 lives. That number will continue to climb, since they aren’t close to completing the search through the rubble.

Lahaina residents heard no sirens and many were forced to make a hasty escape. Now that the town is destroyed, will the residents be able to hold onto their land and rebuild? Perhaps, but many globalist billionaires undoubtedly have a desire to swoop in and pick the bones of the tragedy. The billionaires think they can develop the land better than the little people.

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Will it be Oprah, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg. Will it be Bezos or Black Rock? The vultures may already be circling above the burnt-out town in Maui.

We do know that Hawaii’s governor, Josh Green, wants the state government to buy up properties there. That’s government for you—always about controlling land and resources while consuming taxpayer dollars. Big government already owns too much land in the contiguous US.  The federal government owns 27.1% of all land in the United States and even larger percentages out west. For example, Big Guv owns 63 percent of the land in Nevada. That isn’t right—land should belong to the people. Land in Hawaii should belong to the Hawaiians, not globalist bureaucrats who desire to control where people live while keeping paradise for themselves. If they do allow towns, they’ll want ’smart cities’ where people live in pods.

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Meanwhile the billionaires are able to buy up as much land as they want. Zuckerberg owns a 1,500 acre estate in Kawaii, and he loves to keep other citizens walled out. Barack Obama, who got fabulously rich from government, has built a gaudy beachfront mansion on the island of Oahu for $8.7 million. It comes with a giant, ugly seawall that damages the shoreline environment. The climate change clap trap continues to be constantly pushed by the politicians such as Barack as well as the billionaires, yet many of them live in beachfront mansions. Obama owns two! Maybe he thinks, “The oceans will rise for thee but not for me!”

Meanwhile, a crummy $700 has been proposed for the Lahaina victims, but it’s tied to more billions of dollars to be sent to a losing war in Ukraine. We’ve sent a total of $139B to defend the borders of Ukraine, but America can’t fund border control, infrastructure or even address disasters. Lahaina is Biden’s Katrina.

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Hawaiian residents can’t depend on government to bail them out. Government is, in fact, another circling, globalist buzzard ready to take advantage of disasters. They want to implement their various agendas meant to control humanity, while the globalist billionaire class will do as they please.

Meanwhile, “No comment” Joe Biden plans to make a personal appearance in Hawaii. He will most likely lie out on some beach there, lick an ice cream cone, and lie.

— Ben Garrison

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