Al Gore Is Getting Desperate- What? You don’t want Climate Communism?

Cartoon published 12/26/2023

Al Gore, like many good con men, shows lot of persistence—but his ‘Chicken Little’ routine has gotten long in the beak.

He predicted ice caps would be melted long before now and they are still there. The polar bear population is booming. His alarmist ‘cry wolf’ huckstering isn’t working any more. People are tuning Al Gore out. He’s been reduced to nothing more than a blathering, aging eccentric. The American people are more worried about making a living than climate change. They want to hold onto their paychecks—not pay Al Gore. Gore is now hopping mad that we won’t listen. Boo-frickety-hoo! It would almost be worth it to have the sea levels rise 30 feet or so just to see Gore’s multi-million dollar beachfront mansion slip under the waves.

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Another confidence trickster constantly in the news is Bill Gates. The man dropped out of college—he didn’t bother to study at all. He had the game already figured out—rip off others to build his business and now he’s conjuring up viruses in bioweapons lab so he can cash in while pretending to ‘save’ us with his vaccines. He ruthlessly pushed a dangerous mRNA Covid jab, and when it started to wind down he dumped all five of his pharmaceutical stocks and raked in 35 billion dollars! After he did that he bad-mouthed the vaccines and began pushing an oral mRNA product. Does he not know that we are paying attention? He pulls these shady stunts while pretending to be a generous philanthropist. Sure, he donates a lot of money to companies that make sure people get shots of stuff he owns. He makes sure the corporate media says good things about him—yet most Americans are catching on to his murderous plans and now they despise him more than ever. Because of this, Bill said he’s worried about ‘extremists’ in the population who refuse to be vaccinated. Bill will figure out a way to force everyone to get his poison. Gates needs another pie in the face.

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Another big con man who pushes climate change is Joe Biden. He wants the mainstream media to report rapturous praise for his Bidenomics. Like Al Gore’s climate change bunk and Gate’s vaccine scam, Joe thinks he can gaslight everyone into thinking ‘happy days are here again,’ and agree with him — just because he tells them to. Yet the polls show Americans despise the traitorous old fool that is Joe Biden. I expect him to be jettisoned in 2024, because the globalist mafia men at the top want an even bigger con man—“Hair gel Gavin.”

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Enjoy what’s left of 2023. We could see the legion of fraudsters that are the globalist Marxist Democrats push their vile bunk by means any means necessary — including brute force. 

— Ben Garrison

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