Reminder: The acronym  for Diversity, Inclusion, Equality is DIE 

Cartoon published 02/15/2023

As Biden’s Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg has shown himself to be a complete, abject, abysmal failure.

“Pothole Pete” was once mayor of South Bend Indiana, where he was known for his failure to fix the potholes. Biden thought Buttigieg was somehow qualified to be Secretary of Transportation because he was once a mayor. Oh wait, that wasn’t it. Joe’s selection was based on one qualification only—Buttigieg is gay. Biden did not select his cabinet based on merit, but rather political correctness and identity politics. That’s why we have a complete joke of a vice president in Kamala Harris. She’s not only part black, but also a woman. If such a thing can even be defined by them any more.


I’m sure there are plenty of gay people who are qualified to be Secretary of Transportation, but that’s not the point. Buttigieg got the gig simply because he’s gay—that is his sole qualification. He’s also aligned with the far-left Democrats who are now in charge of the party. Pete believes in Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) and that means qualified people get passed over for unqualified people based only on their race, sex, or sexual orientation. This approach invites disaster. For example, if merit is ignored for a job where lives are at stake, death is inevitable. Personnel are now hired based on their race, sex, or sexual orientation and not their education and qualification. We’re now seeing near-misses at airports due to unqualified air traffic controllers.

If you were to undergo surgery, wouldn’t you want the best-qualified doctor and not someone hired simply to fill out a DIE quota? It’s fine if someone is a racial minority or gay, but they must be qualified by merit first and foremost.

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Pete is not qualified. He talks about ‘racist roads’ and how there are too many white men in hard hats working on transportation projects. For nearly two weeks, Pete remained quiescent about the disastrous train derailment in eastern Ohio that spilled toxic chemicals. Maybe because the populace in that area overwhelmingly voted for Trump.

Buttigieg needs to step down or be impeached.

— Ben Garrison

Wait for it, next event, an airline disaster because a DIE hire was put in charge!


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