Happy New Year To All

I must admit I have not had much success at predicting the future. Aside from picking Donald Trump to win the presidency in 2016, most of my predictions have been flops. I predicted bitcoin would go nowhere because I thought it was a scam. I thought silver would be at $100 by now. I predicted that Trump would drain the swamp and Hillary would be locked up. Instead, the swamp expanded and Trump might face Clinton in a 2024 rematch. The swamp was much deeper and wider than anyone realized and now has been exposed.

Regardless of my inept pondering in the past, here are my predictions for the not-so-distant future. It required some deep orb pondering and yes, we at GrrrGraphics actually do have a real crystal ball, which we’ve mostly used for taking unusual photos.

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The Covid hysteria will not go away. It has been an advantageous tool for tyrants around the world. It’s a very effective means of drumming up fear and obeisance. Fear has driven far too many to take experimental gene therapy injections. One of my sources presented this in an email today: The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, or VAERS, reports 19,886 deaths, 102,857 hospitalizations and a total of 946,461 adverse events due to COVID-19 vaccines through Dec. 3. None of them can sue the vaccine makers. They have complete immunity. Does that immunity bring about responsibility, accountability, or better science? No. But it does make Big Pharma fabulously richer and that’s what this is about—money and control. Not health. Their vaccines don’t even work—Bill Gates even admitted it but he still wants to make them mandatory! If that’s not a wake up call, what is?

The VAERS numbers are probably much higher since many do not report. The numbers are a dire warning NOT to take the jabs, but too many citizens have been programmed by state media to want a third and fourth jab even though their own bodies tell them NO! We, the vaccine free, are currently being vilified as monsters. Trudeau, the fiendishly fascist tyrant of Canada, announced that those who do not get vaccinated against COVID-19 are “racist and misogynistic extremists.” Really? That’s a colossal lie even for the psychopathic Prime Minister, but he also went on to state, rather ominously, whether the rest of Canada needs to “tolerate” the unvaccinated. Such pronouncements are similar to Hitler’s denunciations of the Jews. Trudeau has also sent his government goons to physically assault reporters working for Rebel News, one of the few conservative news organizations in Canada. Canadian banks are refusing mortgages to some conservatives there. How far will Trudeau take this? As far as he can if there is no resistance.

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Fauci continues to operate under the delusion that he is a god who gets to tell us how to conduct our personal lives. His so-called science has been soaked in the acid of politics. He and the CDC’s science quickly change depending on how much push back we citizens might display. We must all remember that Fauci’s decades as the top health ‘official’ in the US has been an unmitigated disaster. Our nation’s health has declined precipitously under his over-paid rule. Fauci gave millions of dollars in taxpayer money to the communist Chinese so they could develop ‘gain of function’ for their bioweapon. The thoroughly corrupt Fauci is a dangerous liar and beagle torturer. He should be locked up for his malfeasance.

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We the People have not stood up for ourselves enough, and as a result the tyrannical monsters have become drunk with power. They will continue to marginalize and threaten peaceful citizens who demand to have the final say about what goes into their bodies. If they keep pushing for mandatory vaccines, it will lead to violence. The globalist bullies are sticking their collectivist nose into everyone’s private matters. Bullies only respect a punch in the nose. Americans must not give up firearms like they did in Australia.


Hillary is back on the scene and it’s obvious she wants power. She’s like a shark that must swim to keep alive and that’s why she’s constantly in the state media. If there is a way for her to return the White House she will make it happen. Oh, but what about her husband Bill’s 27 trips to Epstein’s ‘Orgy Island?’ Will the convicted Maxwell spill the beans on Clinton’s pedophilia? More likely we’ll see the end of Ghislaine or maybe even the end of Bill. Hillary the obsessive won’t let anything stand in the way of her presidency.

The climate will continue to change. The ruling class will relentlessly drum up their climate change hysteria to help usher in their economy-destroying green nonsense. (Meanwhile, China is building new coal-burning plants). The globalists are using the weather as well as cold and flu to dominate and control us by means of fear and their high-tech surveillance system. We must not exchange our freedom for their socialist, utopian ’safetyism’ that in reality keeps them safe while it endangers the freedoms of everyone else.

— Happy New Year from GrrrGraphics!