Biden SOTU Speech, Just Hot Air

“I’ve hurt you, and I wish to go on hurting you.”— Khan, from ‘Star Trek II, The Wrath of Kahn”

Khan’s statement could have been uttered by Joe Biden. After all, he’s done a lot of hurting and damage thus far during his first term and now he wants to go on hurting the country. His Covid policies were a disaster. Instead of a uniter he became a divider. He crashed the oil industry in order to advance his damaging ‘green energy’ policy. He continues to leave the border wide open to millions of invaders and dangerous drugs such as fentanyl. He did nothing to stop a communist Chinese spy balloon until it was over the Atlantic Ocean.

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His reckless spending sparked dangerous inflation. Joe will accept no blame for any of the problems he created and he’ll likely create more as his stolen presidency continues.A lot of people refused to watch Joe’s speech, but I am forced to watch such things because it’s part of my duty as an editorial cartoonist. What stood out for me? Joe’s odd flash of anger when he was yelling about tyrants and President Xi. Non sequitur! He did mention Xi’s balloon indirectly and took credit for shooting it down by saying, “We protected our country from China!”

Sure Joe, after you let it spy on us for eight days.We all know Joe is a dedicated liar who is also suffering from impaired thinking. For some reason I remained calm while watching his blather. I didn’t yell at him once. Maybe it’s due to Biden fatigue. Maybe it’s because I already knew what to expect.


One of our followers in Florida certainly knows what to expect from Joe. He wasn’t about to watch the address, but he summed up Biden’s speech and its results:

1.  Can or will the United States ever secure its southern border under a Biden administration now or in the future?

2.  Will solar panels, wind turbines, and electric cars adequately replace the need for cheaper fossil fuels under a Biden administration this term or next?


3.  Will Joe ever require NATO to pay their share of collective expense, 2% as promised and expected, now or later as Trump sought to do?

4.  Will Biden ever significantly lower the national debt now at over $30 trillion?  Will he ever put an end to reckless spending?

5.  Will Joe Biden ever stop lying, making gaffes, going off-script into unintelligible anger-aced tirades, and continually blaming others for his shortcomings and senile confusion?

6. Will inflation return to pre-Biden pricing?

7.  Will Joe demand a stern response to China to stop balloon incursions, violations of our airspace, a monopoly on antibiotics, hacking, theft of intellectual property, the threat associated with Tik Tok, gain of function disease research, trade imbalance and self sufficiency, stopping the purchase of farmland by China to influence our food supply, importing of subpar and dangerous products like the drywall, contaminated dog food, lead paint in toys, and flooding our country with fentanyl?

8.  Will Joe stop transporting illegal aliens all over the country in the dead of night using airlines and U.S. based and funded aircraft?

9.  Will Joe ever stop spending American taxpayer dollars on Ukraine unless forced to?  Is he pushing for settlement?

10.  Will Covid ever really be over?  Will variants ever stop promoting government control and mandates?

11.  Will Joe ever stop commenting on things like Border Patrol horsemen whipping black asylum seekers before he knows the facts? Will he ever issue an apology?

12. Will Joe change? Can he change? Will his obvious senility and cognitive impairment improve in time for a second term?

Our friend in Florida is correct. Joe is not going to change. Especially at his age. If the election is rigged and he’s once again reelected, Joe will continue to do what he does best: Hurt America.

— Ben Garrison


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