Spend Spend Spend!

The globalist puppet Joe Biden has rolled out another huge Bolshevik spending plan: A $2.3 trillion boondoggle ostensibly earmarked for repairing roads and bridges, but most of the money will be siphoned off as pork and graft. It will go directly into the pockets of Democrat operatives and their owners.

Like the COVID-19 spending bill that preceded it, only a fraction will go toward it’s real purpose. In this case, repairing infrastructure.

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Biden plans to raise taxes to help pay back the reckless spending. That will prove to be futile. We have nearly a $30 trillion national debt already. It can’t be paid back. Only interest payments can be made and increasingly more tax dollars will go toward that interest. Who are we paying back? Why, the big banks that own the Federal Reserve, of course. Who owns those big banks? The usual small clique of families who rule the western world. They plan on breaking America’s middle class by forcing vaccines on us while stripping us of our liberties. They want a communist Chinese-style police state in which we are constantly monitored and harassed. Digital currency and social credits. No freedom of speech. No guns. We will all be controlled by those at the top of the pyramid.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the plan is money earmarked for something called the “Climate Corp.” This will probably be still yet another corrupt and unnecessary security agency bent on breaking average Americans. People will get arrested when who knows what kind of carbon footprint regulation gets broken. You can bet any rules set up to harass us won’t apply to the ruling elite.

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Stumbling Joe continues to keep up the pretense that he’s for the working man and job creation. That’s bunk. He already proved his callousness when he canceled the Keystone Pipeline and thousands of middle class jobs. Raising taxes on big corporations? Those rich corporations will simply pass the cost down to consumers, who will pay more for needed goods while having less dollar purchasing power due to inflation. The average man always gets screwed.

Joe is not on the side of the middle class America. He is a globalist boob who carries out the bidding of his masters. Just like Obama did. Those masters are the big banks who always get richer and more powerful regardless of what kind of president is in nominal charge.

—Ben Garrison

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