Update From Ben Garrison, April 1st, 2019

I was on the Alex Jones show today and when he heard about our coffee table book, he offered to help us sell ‘thousands’ of them.

Alex is a generous man who wants to help and it’s appreciated by us, but there won’t be thousands of books printed. It’s not his fault for saying such a thing because I never got a chance to explain to him that we are offering a limited edition of 1,000 signed and numbered (and hardbound) coffee table books. The uniqueness and rarity of the book is what makes it more desirable and once they are sold, there will be no more printed. So rest assured, our plans to print only 1,000 copies has not changed.

However, we will probably publish another book after the 2020 election as a sequel to my “2016 Presidential Election Collection,” and that book won’t be limited. —

Ben Garrison

Big Book Update: March 31st, Goal hit

We have reached our goal on our Indiegogo campaign thanks to your support and love. Ben and I are pretty overwhelmed this happened so quickly. This means the Big Book will be funded and printed this summer.

And since we have the funds, we will be upgrading everyone’s book. All the inside pages are now going to be printed on high quality, heavy weight gloss paper stock.

Let’s not stop there, when we reach 250% of our goal we will add the Toon stickers to everyone’s book order.

Pre-order your BIG BOOK , Click to Get yours!

We have some new perks on the way for everyone, the higher the campaign goes, the more benefits and perks will be added to the book orders. How about a custom bookmark featuring one of Ben’s cartoons to mark your favorite pages?

Once again, we could not have done this with our you, we are truly humbled by the love and support!

Thank you,

Ben and Tina Garrison