Blame Biden Not Putin

The Democrat Party loves to blame Russia for the ills they themselves cause. Hillary ordered up false stories about Russia colluding with Trump so she could defeat him while also covering up her illegal pay for play server and email scandal. The blame for higher gasoline prices in the US is now getting pinned to Russia.

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Biden mumbled out a statement about how Americans need to ‘Understand that defending democracy and liberty is never without cost.’ In other words, he’s blaming Russia for the higher costs of fuel. Other Democrats have been parroting similar lines. Senator Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat from Maryland, said “High gas prices [are] the ‘price to pay to stand up against Putin’s bully.’ Yeah, sure.

Even the limousine liberal Bill Maher said it was time to blame Putin, not Biden. You’re not funny, Bill.

The blame for rising gas prices rests squarely on Biden and his progressive-minded regime. Once the election was stolen for him he shut down the Keystone Pipeline. He spouted the usual nonsense about climate change, the Green New Deal, and how we needed electric vehicles–not the internal combustion kind.

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Thanks to Biden, we quickly lost our energy independence. We could be exporting energy, not importing it. Biden and his Marxist far-left cronies hate America. Everything Biden does is destructive and average citizens are paying the price.

— Ben Garrison